Teaching in Palu

2018 has been a very difficult year for Palu. It was devastated by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami 10 meters tall. Since Palu is basically a seaside province, many infrastructures were affected, many livelihoods destroyed, and unfortunately, many lives lost.

The SMA Labschool was one of the many affected by this calamity. It is currently being built and mended but floors and walls are still cracked, and some rooms do not even have electricity yet in them.

For 21st Century learners, the students would rather learn from powerpoint presentations and the use of mulitmedia. But not unlike our developing country, it is just natural that we encounter schools that have no electricity or no means for us to use 21st century multimedia. We must always be ready for these circumstances because having no resources is not an excuse to hinder learning.

We made use of instructional materials like colored papers and markers to make learning more interesting for the students. We also made use of claps and chants to keep them awake during the discussions and activities.

In the end, we have to realize that we should adapt to the circumstances we are in and just be ready for sudden changes. This is simply the reality of teaching, whichever country you might find yourself in. And if these students of ours are persisting to learn amidst their disasters, then we can definitely persist as well, for them and their learning.


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