Challenges and Bridges

On our first day in Palu, our coordinator, Prof. Diah told us about the lack of resources in the schools. Of course, we knew about this even before we came here. We expected it because we knew of the earthquake and the tsunami weeks prior.

On that day, Prof. Diah also told us that these are the “challenges” that we have to face.

And challenges they were, indeed. Apart from the HUGE language barrier that we have, the lack of resources also posed a difficulty. When we got to SMA Labschool, only one of my two classes had electricity. The funny thing about this is, I already prepared my powerpoints and videos before I knew that my grade XI class has no electricity.

But this curveball is nothing. In our subjects, we have been reminded time and time again to be prepared for whatever is to come during the class, power outage included. So I went in, ready with my instructional materials, papers and markers, and most especially, my voice.

The takeaway here is, no lack of resources should stop us teachers from giving the students the knowledge they deserve. It is our responsibility to deliver as much wisdom as we could for their benefit.


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