Teaching Barefoot

As teachers, we always had to look our best and to present ourselves well to our colleagues and students.

On my first day, I chose my best clothes and my best pair of platform sandals to match. I planned it because I want to leave a good first impression with the students and those sandals could make me seem taller and more authoritative. So imagine my disbelief when I realized that we would have to remove our shoes before going inside the classrooms. I begrudgingly removed them and went inside. My buddy introduced us and though it was so awkward, the students accepted and welcomed us.

I realized that I didn’t need to be authoritative or seem older than I am to get the students’ respect. I was humbled because without those shoes, many of my students are even taller than me physically, and yet they still look up to me figuratively. And that like removing my shoes before going inside the classroom, I have to roll with the changes that this trip will throw at me.

I am still learning… Excitedly so.


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