Something New

I was over the moon happy when I finally got the acceptance letter from our Indonesian coordinator, Prof. Diah. After that followed a whirlwind of getting all of the requirements done and taking our exams in advance so that we wouldn’t miss them when we get to Indonesia.

But came the time when there were only a few days left before my departure. I waited until the last evening before I packed my things. Leaving the comforts of home is still difficult, after all. I’d be trading all these for a month with a foreign country that I know basically nothing about. This is just my second time leaving the country. Talk about getting outside my comfort zone, huh?

But still, I cannot get over the fact that I have been chosen to be sent to Palu. One month seems so long and daunting yet exciting at the same time. I have always been a person who’s adventurous and always looked for something new.

Yet, I know I will miss my family dearly. No daily kisses from my dog for a while, no nights out with my friends, no Netflix for a month! But I also know that this trip will be very meaningful. Maybe a time away from the monotony of university life is all I need. I will be able to get a glimpse of my dream of being an educator here in Palu.

I can’t wait. I just can’t wait.


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