Random Musings No. 1: Watch Out!

I’d like to start a series here called “Random Musings”. Basically, it is just some realizations that I have along the way.

This is my first of hopefully many RMs in the future. 🙂

I remember thinking when we alighted the plane off Jakarta that we still have one more plane to catch and it would take another 7 hours before we get to our destination.

I then realized that traveling is soooo difficult and tiresome but also very fulfilling as well. I get now why so many people travel and spend so much money on going places.

I have also always been an independent person and always want to explore. I know that this trip is good for me. I just know it. Somehow it brings a sense of the mysterious in my life. An adventure waiting to be taken. And now, it’s still really hard to believe that I am here.

The time, effort, money spent on traveling is worth it. Especially if the place you’re going to is as beautiful as Palu. It’s nothing fancy, but it sure feels like I’m back in the provinces of the Philippines. No signs of pollution in the air and sprawling mountains and blue skies greeted us when we first got out of the airport.

I can’t help but think that I want to go back to Indonesia when I’m more financially stable. Only a day has passed (most of it I spent asleep) and yet I can’t wait to know it better.

Watch out for me, Indonesia! I’ve come to explore.


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